Say hello to the people of Zweig Group!

We are proud of the diverse group of individuals on our team. Each person brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives that combine in ways that strengthen the bonds we share and improve the work we do.

Chad Clinehens

President & CEO

Doug Parker

Managing Principal & COO

Mark Zweig

Founder & Chairman


Jamie Claire Kiser

Managing Principal & CFO

Marci D. Thompson

Marci Thompson

Chief Learning Officer

Melissa Swann

Events Manager

Chad Coldiron

Director, Executive Search


Christy Zweig

Director, Research & E-commerce

Jen Newman Square

Jen Newman

Managing Director

Phil Keil

Director, Strategic Services

Noah Hunt

Director, M&A Services

Will Swearingen

Director, Ownership Transition

Olivia Thomas

Advisor, Executive Search

Randy Wilburn

Consultant, Training Services

Maisie Johnson

Graphic Designer

John Bray

Advisor, Executive Search

Tracey Eaves

Consultant, Valuation Services

Breanna Webb

Accounting Manager

Beth Brooks, Sales Director, Civil+Structural Engineer Magazine

Beth Brooks

Sales Director, C+S

Richard Massey

Director, Publications

Jordan Barrett

Advisor, M&A Services

Bill Fox

Advisor, Strategic Planning

Jaden Anderson

Account Executive, C+S

Sara Parkman

Writing & Publications Specialist

Kyle Ahern

Awards Manager

Anna Finley

Office & Media Manager

Donovan Brigham

Web Developer

Lindsay L. Young

Lindsay Young

Marketing Consultant


Margot Moulton

Graphic & Video Specialist


Katelynn Santiago

Graphic Designer


Tyler Thompson

Research Manager