‘On time, on budget’ is not a strategy. We develop marketing & BD campaigns to invigorate your brand, differentiate your firm, and build relationships that drive business to your bottom line.

    Zweig Group’s marketing and business development team is led by professional services marketers who’ve spent their careers creating innovative, award-winning brands and results-driven strategies to build business in the AEC industry.

    Our strategists, designers, researchers, videographers, and web developers collaborate with you to develop winning campaigns and events that help you position yourself to win more work.

    Whether you need an assessment of current practices and process, a marketing or business development audit, a strategy for a new market, or staff training and development, our team has the experience – and know how  to elevate your efforts.  We are happy to speak with you about how we can help.

    Areas of Expertise

    • Comprehensive Marketing & BD Audits
    • Strategic Marketing & BD Plans
    • Market Research & Analysis
    • Marketing Communications Planning
    • Brand Development & Invigoration
    • Proposal Development
    • Interview/Presentation Strategy & Coaching
    • Website Design
    • Social Media Strategy & Execution
    • Video Production (see a few samples here)
    • CRM Systems Analysis & Implementation
    • Event/Conference Strategy & Management
    • Client Pursuit/Capture Planning
    • Client Perception Studies & Feedback Analysis
    • Client Loyalty & Feedback Programs
    • Client Personas & Empathy Mapping
    • Client Experience Journey Mapping

    Marketing & Business Development Services

    AUDITS. The most effective way to evaluate your current position and determine the steps you need to improve and take your firm to the next level is through a Business Development and Marketing Audit. Our process begins with a leadership discovery meeting to discuss growth challenges and determine specific audit goals. One-on-one interviews with key staff are conducted along with a review of processes and other key information or resources based on goals. The result is a comprehensive analysis of individual and corporate skills, goals, and deficiencies along with recommendations for improvement.

    PROCESS DEVELOPMENT. Implementing a strategic business development program can help transition to a rifle approach, placing more focus on specific targets. Through a priority-based client management approach, you can spend the majority of your time on your highest priority clients, while addressing other clients at the same time. We can help implement this program to maximize business development efforts to win work and stay ahead of your competition.

    STRUCTURE ANALYSIS. We can help create a structure that encourages a business development culture. This includes reviewing your existing structure, harnessing your existing talent, and identifying and growing future leadership while promoting accountability.

    BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MEETINGS. Are you struggling with business development communication and teamwork? We can help you design a monthly one-hour business development meeting that captures highlights and ensures you don’t drop the ball. We work with you to develop a format and design the tools you need to meet your organizational needs and yield results.

    STRATEGIC PLANNING. We believe the success of a strategic plan is in the Action Plan!  With a well-thought-out action plan, it is clear who is going to do what by when in order to get where you want to go. Zweig Group can help you set up your organization for success by helping you plan, implement, and monitor your organization’s strategy. Each client has their own unique situation and unique needs. We have helped organizations develop their strategic plans top down as well as bottom up.

    MEETING FACILITATION. From strategic planning to board retreats, Zweig Group serves as your partner and outside facilitator for services including preparation, logistics, setup, facilitation, wrap up, and reporting.

    LEGO SERIOUS PLAY FACILITATION. This method offers a facilitated meeting, communication, and problem-solving process in which participants are led through a series of questions, probing deeper and deeper into the subject. Typically, workshops focus on visioning, strategy, developing solutions or team building while each participant builds his or her own Lego model in response to the facilitator’s questions. These 3-D models serve as a basis for group discussion, knowledge sharing, problem solving and decision making. It also helps foster creative thinking to find unique solutions. The technique provides all participants with a voice, and the method serves as a shared language regardless of culture or position.

    MARKETING PLANS. Once a strategy is in place, Zweig Group can assist you in developing a comprehensive marketing plan based on goals, objectives, and resources to guide you to successfully promote and grow your firm. This includes market positioning, differentiation, a method for reaching clients/prospects, and external expert positioning. All these combine to raise your firm’s profile and enhance relationships that lead to increased revenues.

    MARKET RESEARCH. We can assist you with various levels of market research, including identifying prospects, tackling client research, CIP tracking, identifying emerging markets and other market trends, and more.

    CLIENT CAPTURE PLANNING. Client capture plans detail all the information and tactics needed to capture a new client or retain a strong existing client. We work with you to identify strategic clients and create capture plans that enable you to plan ahead, gather intel, understand key issues, position yourself, and build relationships and trust ahead of the RFP. We help you find the right information, ask the right questions, and develop winning relationships.

    STRATEGIC PURSUIT PLANNING. Once you have identified a project for pursuit, we help you lay out a pursuit strategy that identifies your unique differentiator’s along with key client and project issues and hot buttons. We assist you in developing a message based on the benefits of your specific features that are important to the client as well as supporting evidence to help you bring home the win.

    INTERVIEW/PRESENTATION STRATEGY & COACHING. You made it to the shortlist! This is often where many firms drop the ball. Your interview strategy must be different from your proposal strategy. We work with teams to develop interview-specific strategy through planning, messaging, story-boarding, impactful visuals, choreography, and improving speaking skills.

    CREATING A CHAMPIONSHIP INTERVIEW TEAM WORKSHOP.  Zweig Group offers an intensive one-day workshop where we use a real project of your choice – past, present, or future – to develop a presentation while working in teams (marketers, project managers, superintendents, and anyone else involved in an interview). We take these teams through the stages of creating a winning interview to include: planning, developing a strategy, creating the right message, story-boarding, creating impactful visuals, choreographing, improving public speaking skills, and Q&A. At the end of the day, each team presents and then a winning team is chosen, just like a real interview.

    CLIENT LOYALTY AND FEEDBACK PROGRAMS. Utilizing the Net Promoter Score Loop, we work with firm’s to develop a client survey program using industry out-of-the-box tools to monitor client loyalty and develop strategies based upon feedback.

    CLIENT EMPATHY MAPPING. This powerful tool allows you to understand your clients’ emotional needs, drivers, fears, questions, and anxieties simply through your own understanding and awareness. Our process is useful for creating winning proposals, retaining clients, and increasing client loyalty.

    CLIENT EXPERIENCE JOURNEY MAPPING. Zweig Group and Client Savvy work with firms in developing a Client Journey Map. We take you through a process that encourages you to look at the entire life-cycle of a client and identify every point of contact between your firm and your client. We then identify gaps in your processes as well as touch points where you can create impactful moments. This process puts you in your client’s shoes so you can understand and enhance their experience.

    CLIENT PERSONAS. When you are developing your marketing and content strategy, it is tempting to try to make everything as widely appealing as possible. Creating client personas – fictional representations of your target audience – can help you avoid the trap of creating something for everyone while still managing to stay productive and keep up.

    CLIENT PERCEPTION STUDIES. Serving as a third-party partner to gain honest, open feedback, Ignite can help you deepen your business development relationships, improve upon your performance, address issues before they become problems, assess your current brand, and develop strategies for your marketing and project management efforts.

    COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAM. Communications are crucial to the success of your company. This is so often lacking in firms, especially as they grow. We work to develop a plan that encourages accountability, fosters teamwork, engages all levels of employees, crosses markets and service lines, and integrates marketing. This includes: meeting tools to create a concise, informative, and productive meeting; meeting formats review to encourage participants to work together to implement actions and achieve goals; and meeting facilitation for successful leadership to engage participants.

    BRANDING. Your brand is the feeling you elicit from those who encounter you. Zweig Group helps firms develop brands that capture clients while also improving employee retention and recruitment.

    CAMPAIGN & EVENT STRATEGY. From marketing campaigns to special events, one big idea can set your firm apart from your competition and be the winning differentiator when competing for work. Strategy, creativity, and implementation are key to success. Ignite can help you develop winning campaigns and events that help you position yourself to win more work.

    EXPERT POSITIONING. Positioning is an art. Great positioning tells a compelling, attention-grabbing story – a story that resonates with your audience. Positioning your talent as experts in the industry and your firm as value added can be enhanced through the development of external education and training programs. Beyond the typical brown bags and conferences, Zweig Group can help you develop a strategic external education and training program that can raise your firm’s profile in creating and enhancing relationships that lead to increased revenues.

    Surveys & Feedback

    Zweig Group will help you understand the impact ouf your firm on both your clients or your employees through customized feedback survey thorough feedback analysis.

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