Randy Wilburn

Director of Education
Randy Wilburn is Zweig Group’s Director of Education. Randy first worked for ZweigWhite in the firm’s executive search team in the 1990s/2000s, and was an owner in the firm. He left the firm when it was sold in 2004 to a private equity group. When Zweig Group returned to the hands of the original founding partner, Mark Zweig, Randy rejoined the firm to help them rebuild a key part of their business. Wilburn is proven when it comes to helping firms in the architecture, engineering, planning and environmental markets find the best people to build their organizations.
He has been instrumental in growing Zweig Group’s Executive Search Team and creating valuable AEC training programs on recruitment, retention, and leadership. Randy is the creator and host of the Zweig Letter Podcast – The most comprehensive podcast for and about the Design Industry.
Randy is an accomplished author, speaker, consultant, trainer, and business coach. He is one of the nation’s leading experts on a variety of topics including leadership skills, strategic planning, and small business development. One of the programs he helped to develop, Bootstrap Bootcamp, incorporates a holistic approach to Small Business Development by focusing on the individual first and the business second.
Randy has been featured in Business Week, and The Boston Globe, and the Blog of Timothy Ferriss, Author of the NY Times Best Seller, “4 Hour Work Week.”
He also spends time inspiring young people and Entrepreneurs with motivational talks that focus on encouragement and leadership development. He is a graduate of Howard University and The Summer Leadership Institute at Harvard University. He is a certified Business Coach and a Teacher in Biblical Entrepreneurship through the Nehemiah Project.