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Project Management for AEC Professionals is a modern training for project managers led by a panel of three experts, backed by proven research on how to best train project managers to be more effective and efficient. 

Each team member brings their own unique experiences and skills to project teams. Effectively leveraging the talents of your team can optimize team effectiveness. Project Management for AEC Professionals provides people-focused, science and data driven practical skills to help project leaders harness the power of their team and to create a better client experience. By addressing the most important aspects of any project – the people – this course will provide practical techniques that can be immediately implemented for a positive impact on any AEC team or business.

AEC professionals are extensively trained on technical skills and less so on how to manage a team. However, with rapidly evolving technology, increasing fee pressure, multi-generational teams, and many other challenges, effective team leadership in project environments has proven to be the key to excelling in the high-pressure AEC environment. This course will take the guesswork out of leading your team and develop project leaders who are equipped with practical, science-backed skills to empower their teams to achieve and surpass their goals. 

    Who should attend?

    Anyone looking to take their career to the next level and to elevate the client experience.

     Discussion topics include:

    • Understand the multiple roles of the project manager, including project leadership as a key differentiator of successful project managers.
    • Understand and develop the key skills and competencies of successful project managers and how to immediately implement your new techniques.
    • Develop tools to improve the effectiveness of your teams.
    • Learn about common issues, how to identify them, and how to neutralize their impact on your team.
    • Develop the ability to identify the project environment and understand which approaches are favored over others for a given project type.
    • Create rapid cohesion in your team by successfully building and maintaining trust.
    • Practice new skills and approaches in “safe to fail” exercises led by course instructors.

    Registration includes:

    • Highly-rated seminar content taught in the convenience of your own home/office
    • Polls, quizzes and interactive material that will keep participants engaged
    • Four, one and a half-hour live group lessons that blend up-to-date industry data with empirically supported methods and techniques, delivered by expert instructors. This course is based on the latest in adult learning methodologies, including interactive polling, discussion, reflection, and open forum Q&A opportunities.
    • Continuous electronic access to instructors for the duration of the course to ask questions and troubleshoot performance issues.
    • 6 LU/6 PDH/.6 CEU

    *Unlike most Zweig Group virtual seminars, this course does not include recordings of the modules*

      All attendees receive a certificate of completion indicating the number of hours earned during each seminar. Zweig Group is a registered provider with the American Institute of Architects, and SHRM.


      All four sessions will be held on Tuesdays, from 11:00 AM CT - 12:30 PM CT

      Session 1: June 7, 2022 - Time and Task Management

      Session 2: June 14, 2022 - Project Leader Communication

      Session 3: June 21, 2022 - Project Leadership

      Session 4: June 28, 2022 - Problem Solving and Conflict Management 


      To be notified of future dates and locations, inquire about group pricing or for immediate assistance, please email events@zweiggroup.com or call the Zweig Group team at 800.466.6275.