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Driven by Data Series - Valuation

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The 2022 Driven By Data Webinar Series is a collection of virtual courses designed to educate and inform attendees on a specific topic in Zweig Group's leading AEC industry research. 

The second topic of the series is ValuationIn this free webinar, you will:

  1. Learn how the value of an AEC firm is calculated and some of the most important factors that impact both valuation method and final value.

  2. Learn about the impact of PPP funds on AEC firm values, how they were dealt with in the valuation process, and their affect on firms balance sheet metrics.

  3. Learn what business decisions and practices can improve financial performance, market specialization, and brand recognition, leading to higher firm values. 

  4. Understand how the events of the past two years have affected firm values, and what factors are impacting AEC firm value in the year(s) to come. 

After the live session, this webinar will be available On-Demand at zweiggroup.com/collections/on-demand