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CEO & CSO Roundtable

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The CEO & CSO Roundtable Retreat is a new concept event, creating a unique venue and forum for Chief Executive Officers and Chief Strategy Officers to interact both separately and together. This small group format event will be limited to 15 CEOs and 15 CSOs. There will be sessions for CEOs and CSOs to meet separately, where each group can connect, share, and gain insights specific to their role. Then there will be sessions where we bring both groups together to discuss the connectivity and collective power of the roles in driving return on investment in their AEC firms. 

Moderated by Zweig Group’s Chad Clinehens and Ying Liu, this event combines the best of both the CEO and CSO Roundtable experiences to provide attendees with valuable insights, innovative ideas, tactical frameworks/tools, and a new network of colleagues to foster effective leadership and strategic growth.


Discussion Topics:

Attendees will bring their challenges and successes to discuss, ensuring that roundtable discussions strike at the heart of what is needed to effect change in their organizations. In addition, the event will cover a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Firm Organization
  • Organizational Alignment to Lead Change
  • Inspiring a Culture of Entrepreneurialism
  • Growing Your Successor
  • Ownership Transition Planning
  • The CEO and CSO roles and building the C-suite
  • Board and Governance
  • Time Management and Balancing Work/Home Life
  • Dealing with Conflicts
  • Managing Firm Growth (organic and acquisitions)
  • Scenario planning: The AEC Firm of 2035
  • Changing landscape of firm valuation
  • Driving return on investment
  • The evolving role of the CSO in relation to CEO
  • The Dynamic Partnership Between CEO and CSO in Strategic Growth Planning
  • Unique Challenges and Opportunities faced by CSO
  • Being Bold in Setting a Vision and Direction
  • Mobilizing Leaders to Drive Great Performance
  • Mindset and Perspectives for Managing Personal Effectiveness as the CEO and CSO
  • The Future of the CEO and CSO Role in the AI-Driven Era
  • Additional topics selected by attendees



Wednesday, Nov 13, 2024 – Day 0

3:00pm - Hotel Check-in

5:00pm - Welcome reception and setting the stage 


Thursday, Nov 14, 2024 – Day 1

8:00am - Roundtable breakfast

9:00am - Roundtables begin

11:00am - CEOs and CSOs small group sessions

12:00am - Lunch

1:00pm - CEOs and CSOs small group sessions

2:30pm - Joint session 

4:00pm - Roundtable experience


Friday, Nov 15, 2024 – Day 2

8:00am - Roundtable breakfast

9:00am - Joint session

10:00am - Cross-Role Scenario Simulation” CEO and CSO Collaboration on Strategic Challenges and Opportunities

12:00pm - Action items and accountability framework lunch

1:00pm - Adjourn




Hotel Valley Ho

6850 East Main Street

ScottsdaleAZ 85251


Join us for an unparalleled opportunity to connect, learn, and grow alongside fellow AEC firm leaders. Prepare to be inspired and to inspire others as we navigate the complexities and possibilities of leadership and strategy in the AEC industry.