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AI-Powered Project Management for AEC 

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Brittany will delve into the practical AI applications that are revolutionizing project management within the AEC industry as we build civilization. She will showcase the AI tools and strategies available now to optimize workflows, enhance efficiency, and drive better projects within the built environment.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into leveraging AI in all the key phases: 1.Project Feasibility; 2. Real Estate; 3. Design and Permitting; 4. Construction; and, 5. Maintenance & Management. Through real-world case studies and interactive discussions, attendees will learn how to harness the power of AI to streamline and improve mundane tasks, from safety and scheduling, to predictive analysis. 

Kristin will start off the program with an updated and current look at AI in the industry and hand off to Brittany who will talk specifics about AI in project management. As we just heard at the Zweig Group's AI in AEC Tech Summit recently, "our job is to shape society." So please join us to unlock AI-powered project management today and how you can lead your firm, our industry, and our projects into a better future.