Margot Moulton

Margot Moulton

Margot is a videographer and editor by way of fine and commercial visual art and has become a jack-of-many-visual-arts-trades. She joined Zweig Group in November of 2017 and develops video projects to not only educate, but also tell compelling stories of businesses and people in the AEC industry.

As a fine artist with a passion for many digital methods, Margot quickly realized she was uniquely qualified to do a lot of seemingly disparate things. Beginning as a freelancer in graphic arts to a job in outdoor advertising to designing for high profile clients in the printing industry to designing apparel, Margot eventually became the Art Director and Promotions Producer for two television stations. She held these positions for over 10 years, all the while refining her video production abilities.

Margot graduated Cum Laude with Distinction from Hendrix College with a BA in Fine Arts and C.G.

title::Graphic & Video Specialist