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2013 Financial Performance Survey of Environmental Consulting Firms


Release Date: October 4, 2013
Length: 300 Pages
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This comprehensive study reports and analyzes financial performance statistics and ratios for environmental consulting firms. Financial data for this report were collected from a select group of U.S. environmental consulting firms that answered questions about how their firms are dealing with critical finance and accounting issues. Firms also filled out a detailed income statement and balance sheet for the most recently completed fiscal year.

Participating firms were of every size and type--providing a broad range of environmental services--and came from every region of the country.

For the purposes of the survey, environmental consulting firms are defined as professional service firms that derive at least 30% of their annual gross revenue from environmental consulting projects. The purpose of this rule is to allow multidiscipline firms that work in areas other than the environment (which includes many of the leading environmental consulting firms) to participate.

The survey was designed to identify all the types of environmental projects firms are active in, from laboratory testing to “hands-on” remediation. Comparative analytical data is provided based on the specific work performed by individual firms.

The survey data can be used to help set financial performance goals and benchmarks, compare personnel costs and financial ratios, and examine the performance of a specific firm in comparison with industry-wide norms. This report will prove valuable not only to firm principals and their financial staff, but also to those outside the industry who would like to see what kind of financial performance is typical in environmental consulting firms throughout the United States.


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