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Compensation Survey Package - 2011

Compensation Survey Package - 2011


Release Date: September 16, 2011
Length: 400 pages
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This package is available in electronic copy only!

In an industry still reeling from the recent recession, A/E firms continue to explore new ways to provide competitive employee compensation while controlling labor expenditures.

Zweig Group’s Compensation Survey Package which includes the 2011-2012 Management Compensation Survey (regular $395) and the 2011 Incentive Compensation Survey (regular $445) offers two resources that can help you effectively manage your compensation plans to attract and retain top talent for only $599 a savings of over $240!

The 2011-2012 Management Compensation Survey covers total compensation for top managers, including project managers and information technology, human resources, financial and marketing directors. This survey can help you answer:
  • Is your salary competitive with other managers in the rest of the industry?
  • Which types of managers are most likely to receive bonuses?
  • Have bonuses increased or decreased since last year?
  • Which management positions earn the most?
  • Do top managers in our industry receive overtime pay?
  • What are managers’ total compensation packages?
The 2011 Incentive Compensation Survey covers profit sharing as well as signing, referral, performance, and other bonus plans. This survey can help you answer:
  • How do your bonus plans compare to other firms?
  • What kinds of incentive compensation programs are the most successful in attracting top talent as well as motivating and retaining current employees?
  • How do firms your type, size, or location, calculate bonus amounts?
  • Among your peers, has spending on incentive compensation increased or decreased this year?
  • How will spending change in the future?
  • What are the challenges in providing competitive and effective incentive compensation programs?