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CE News magazine, Civil Connection eNews and CENews.com make up an integrated network specifically dedicated to serving the information needs of civil engineering firms, as well as state, city, and county engineers; managers; surveyors; and other professionals related to the industry. Readers turn to this suite of publications for advice on design, technology, research, and regulations related to stormwater, wastewater, drinking water, erosion control, geotechnology, site development, transportation systems, and much more.

CE News is different from other industry sources because its editorial content focuses on the "real life" challenges facing today’s civil engineers and how to succeed in spite of them. CE News leads the industry by also providing news, business advice, how-to information, and management tips that engineers can use in their day-to-day operations. This practical, comprehensive editorial approach has made CE News the magazine of choice for 50,000 industry movers and shakers.

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