Here’s a handy list of free reports and data available from Zweig Group:

AEC Social Media Guide

The AEC Social Media Guide is a free resource that provides a quick-start launchpad for AEC firms to properly use social media. The guide covers the few key platforms every firm should be using and how to start using them to maximize the time and effort invested in social media.

2017 Fee & Billing Survey Free Report

Zweig Group’s Fee & Billing Survey of Architecture, Engineering, Planning & Environmental Consulting Firms is the standard guideline for architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental firms looking to benchmark fees, billing rates and billing practices, and evaluate productivity and utilization.

2017 Net Service Revenue Value Calculator 

Easy to use excel spreadsheet designed to give a simple starting point to think through how someone could  approach valuing your A/E Firm. This model uses Weighted Average Net Service Revenue as a simple rule of thumb metric.

2017 AEC Outlook Survey Free Report

Zweig Group’s 2017 AEC Outlook Survey asked over one hundred firm leaders some pressing questions about their firms’ performance last year and what they expect to be the biggest opportunities and challenges this year and next year.

2017 Valuation Survey Free Report

The 2017 Valuation Survey contains the most up-to-date formulas and data to help you find and understand valuations for your firm. Download the free preview to get a glimpse on this fantastic tool. Get the entire publication here.

2017 Principals, Partners, and Owners Survey Free Report

The 2017 PPO survey covers information on compensation, benefits, and perks for Principals, Partners, and Owners in AEC firms. It also covers topics such as job requirements, non-competes, and time management of principals, among other things. Get the entire publication here.

2017 Marketing Survey Free Report

Download the free preview report with a sample of the information included in the full publication, or view the entire publication here.

2017 Salary Surveys Free Report

The 2017 Salary Surveys, segmented by major U.S. markets & regions, is a great resource to benchmark your salaries and compensation structures. Get the entire publication here.

2017 Incentive Compensation Survey Free Report

The 2017 Incentive Compensation Survey contains data you can use to improve incentive compensation programs in place currently and start new programs from scratch. This publication includes information on profit sharing, performance bonuses, and signing and retention bonuses, among other incentive compensation systems. Check out the full publication here.

2017 Financial Performance Survey Free Report

The 2017 Financial Performance survey contains every major financial performance statistic relevant to the AEC industry. This publication is a great start to financial performance benchmarking for your firm, but our Financial Performance Benchmarking Package, which contains an Excel working file, will help you analyze your firm’s financial health and performance in its current state and via future projections. Click here to get the standalone publication and click here to get the Benchmarking package.

2017 Recruitment and Retention Survey Free Report

The 2017 Recruitment and Retention Survey contains information and data that will help you hire and keep great employees. Check out the full publication here.

2017 Policies, Procedures, and Benefits Survey Free Report

The 2017 PPB Survey will help you benchmark your firm against industry standards to determine whether you’re under- or overspending on benefits and compensation. It will also provides you with industry norms on policies and procedures, so you can support your policy decisions with hard data. Get all the benchmarks you need on compensation policies, benefits, HR staff, and other major HR issues in one comprehensive publication! Check out the full publication here.

2016 IT Survey Free Report

What kind of IT systems do you have in place at your AEC firm? Learn about IT policies and infrastructure within the industry. The 2017 IT Survey will be released soon, and you can pre-order the publication here.

2016 Mergers and Acquisitions Survey Free Report

The 2016 M&A Survey contains information useful for both buyers and sellers. It is filled with information that will help you understand what buyers are looking for, how to price your business, deal information from the industry, how long the process to buy or sell a firm is, among other topics. Download the 2016 Survey Free Report here. The 2017 Mergers and Acquisitions Survey will be released soon, and you can pre-order the publication here.