Understanding how clients perceive your firm, how these clients make their decisions, what value they assign to services and delivery methods, and their insight on improvements to the client experience, play a key role in developing solid strategies. Zweig Group will help you contact your firm’s current, former, and potential clients through a client feedback survey and deliver the results to you in a convenient report.

    We work with you on the questionnaire and list of people to contact to ensure the survey solicits the insights you need.

    The Process:

    1. Pick your options and choose your survey questions using Zweig Group’s template or have Zweig Group design your survey.
    2. Send email addresses to Zweig Group for survey distribution
    3. Zweig Group will keep you updated on your response level and follow up with clients.
    4. Receive report of your survey findings: A full-report with compiled overall responses is delivered at the conclusion of each client survey.  

    Why Use Zweig Group

    • A/E Industry Specific:
      • Zweig Group does much more than just conduct surveys.  We have a full staff with industry specific consulting experience in nearly every area of management.  Zweig Group publishes over 20 research publications each year and has nearly 30-years’ experience working in the industry. We understand the industry and how your clients work.  
    • Managed by Zweig Group:
      • You focus on your job, we’ll handle the rest.  Project updates and client relationships won’t get tangled with feedback when Zweig Group handles your client feedback survey.
    • Confidential:
      • Conducting a client feedback survey through a 3rd party outside organization gives a greater level of confidentiality to survey takers and helps encourage honesty and accuracy.
    • Research-based questions:
      • Our question bank has well-written questions designed to help you understand what your clients are experiencing.  We also have thousands of data points of research for comparison and benchmarking purposes.
    • Customizable: We have survey options to fit the goals of every organization and budget!
    • Survey Design: Zweig Group will be happy to provide a phone consultation and design your organization’s custom survey based on individual needs/goals.
    • Phone interviews: Get more out of your survey by having Zweig Group staff conduct phone interviews.  Phone interviews will be conducted by experienced staff, who are trained to get valuable information and insight from those they are interviewing. Custom pricing based on length of interview and number of interviews conducted.
    • Commentary and Post Survey Consultation: Schedule a phone call or virtual presentation including Q&A with one of Zweig Group’s Consultants. Get Zweig Group consultant input on client feedback to identify potential issues. Zweig Group will provide brief recommendations for improvement in the summary of the survey report.

    The Zweig Group Difference:

    • Our responsiveness. No company out there can touch our commitment to communication. We respond promptly, thoroughly, and professionally before the competitors have opened their email. You will never get an “out of office” reply from a Zweig Group account!
    • Our industry pulse. We own the data related to every operational aspect of our industry. Our consulting recommendations are based on decades of being the go-to source for publications and surveys that the top leaders in our industry rely upon.
    • Our reputation. When you’ve been in the industry for 30 years, you’ve seen it all. Zweig Group sets the standard against which all other consulting firms in this industry are judged. We don’t use the hot buzzwords in our reports – we tell you what you need to hear and we find creative ways to move your firm forward.


    For more information on this product, please contact Christy Zweig Niehues, Marketing Director, at czweig@zweiggroup.com

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