Best Firms To Work For Benefits

  • Largest employee survey in the AEC Industry–Over 1.6 million data points gathered in 2018!
  • Access to employee insight through their own words
  • Most affordable employee survey in the industry
  • Completely customizable options
  • Great tool for recruitment, retention, and marketing!
  • Benchmarking your firms against firms of similar size, disciplines, and region
  • Recognition at the Awards Conference
  • Incredible public relations exposure in press releases, in our weekly newsletter, and our monthly magazine
  • Signs, stickers, trophies, plaques, and other collateral for your office(s)
  • The Best Firms To Work For logo to use on all of your promotional material

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New for 2019!

We will have an overall ranking of firms followed by sub-rankings (Firm size, discipline, region). You only have to register once. There will be additional sub-category benchmarking reports available for purchase both individually or in bundles.

We will also start offering Zweig Group Analysis of your employee survey results. This analysis will include a SWOT analysis as well as recommendations and a phone call to discuss the report with you. Let us help you analyze all of the data you get from this survey and use our experience to help you formulate a plan to make your firm a better place to work! This option starts at $1,500. Calls us to find out more!

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Services
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture and Planning
  • Multi-Discipline
  • Structural Engineering


Firms will be ranked according to their category based on a combination score comprised of  25% corporate survey and 75% employee surveys.


The first step in your ranking is the BFTWF Corporate Survey. This is a survey about workplace practices, policies, & benefits, and can be filled out by any firm leader, HR manager, or equivalent representative.


The second step in the application is the Employee Survey. This survey will be available in late January 2018.

Employee survey options: Employee survey can be sent by Zweig Group, directly to your employees (new this year!), or a firm representative is welcome to distribute the participation link internally.

For firms with 50 employees or more, a minimum of 40% of the firm’s staff must complete the Employee survey.  For firms with less than 50 employees, a minimum of 60% of the firm’s staff must complete the employee survey.

Someone from Zweig Group will keep you updated on your firm’s participation level to ensure that you meet the requirements by the deadline.


  • Standard with your application fee is a report containing summary responses to all the numerical rating and multiple choice questions from the employee survey.  Open response reports are available for only $250.
  • You can also choose to have your employee survey reports broken down by specific offices if you have multiple offices. There must be at least 10 completed surveys from each office for this option. Office Reports are available for only $100 per office.
  • Did you know Zweig Group also offers custom survey add-ons? For $400 you can add on 5 custom questions to the end of your employee survey. For $600 you can add ten questions. This is a great way to get the most out of the employee survey portion of this award application process.

Important dates


Corporate and employee surveys sent out when you register.

May 3rd, 2019- Corporate and all employee surveys due

Privacy: Zweig Group will not, under any circumstances, disclose the names of firms that apply and do not make the list of winners.

Questions? We encourage you to contact us if you have questions or concerns about the data, privacy, or process. Please contact Kyle Ahern at or (479) 435-6519 or (800) 466-6275