The top leader’s REAL job

Mark Zweig

242When seeking to define his or her position, a top leader should consider these 7 vital responsibilities.

Because top firm leaders (CEOs, presidents, managing partners, etc.) probably have a better opportunity to define their own roles than those who aren’t in leadership roles, one of the big questions every leader has to ask him- or herself is: “What is my REAL job as a leader?”

Here is some of what I think it is:

  1. Defining and communicating the mission for the organization. Why does the company exist? What does it stand for? Why is it a worthwhile organization to devote your time to or to give your valuable business to? The answers to these and many other questions related to purpose are the domain of the top leader. If you can’t do it, who is going to? The person who can give life to these questions should be the top leader.
  2. Defining and communicating the vision for the organization. What are you trying to become by some point in time? How large? Doing what for whom? The vision is so essential. We routinely see a lack of clarity for what the firm’s vision is and that, in