Chad Clinehens, PE

President & CEO

“You keep doing what you do best, helping your clients design infrastructure. Let us help you do what we do best, helping you design a more profitable business”

Chad has been working in the A/E/P industry since 1995. His background includes working as a registered professional engineer in transportation as well as strategic and directional leadership of a 350+ multi-discipline engineering firm. As a graduate of a top 25 MBA program, his creative business ideas drive performance and success in the very unique business model of the technical consulting firm. Chad uses his in-depth knowledge of the A/E/P industry to prescribe ways to improve performance using strategies and approaches used in the best companies in the world. Some of the skills that Chad can offer include:

  • Analyze the organization, diagnose areas of weakness, and prescribe specific strategies for improved performance
  • Improve marketing and business development performance
  • Develop and sell growth plans and strategic initiatives to internal staff that create an energized, high performance culture
  • Lead teams to new product/service offerings, enter new vertical markets, and expand the firm into new geographical areas
  • Teach technical staff business concepts, marketing and business development, and other performance improving material

As a registered Professional Engineer, Chad has been involved in many aspects of consulting engineering including everything from engineering design and project management to top leadership. He spent the past seven years as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy Officer for a prominent consulting engineering firm with offices across the central and southern United States. He aided the firm in a very successful re-branding and growth campaign that doubled the company in size during the recent recession. Chad holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas. He is a registered professional engineer in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.